extraskeletal chondroma

ex·tra·ske·le·tal chon·dro·ma

a chondroma located in soft tissues, usually of the fingers, hands, and feet, not connected to underlying bone or periosteum.
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Chan et al reported "an extraskeletal chondroma with lipoblast like cells" in 1986.
Our patient presented an extraskeletal chondroma over the posterior aspect of the Achilles tendon that developed into the subcutaneous tissue of the Achilles bursa producing posterior heel pain.
One hundred and four cases of extraskeletal chondroma, 25 of which occurred in the lower limb, were reported by Chung and Enzinger.
After excision, benign extraskeletal chondroma can recur in 15% to 20% of the cases.
Extraskeletal chondromas occur as multiple nodules of synovial chondromatosis within a joint, as a solitary lesion within or adjacent to joint, or as an isolated cartilagenous lesion in the soft tissues, mostly of the hands and feet.
Other less-challenging differential diagnostic considerations include benign tumors, such as extraskeletal chondroma and hibernoma.
Extraskeletal chondroma with chondroblastic and granuloma like elements.