Unrelated to the parenchyma of an organ.
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Left portal branch has a longer extraparenchymal course and tends to be slightly more horizontal than the right branch.
Coronary arteries are most frequently affected, but the process may occur in other extraparenchymal muscular arteries such as celiac, mesenteric, femoral, iliac, renal, axillary and brachial artery [6].
On radiology, chest X-ray showed two opacities, round to oval, likely to be extraparenchymal in nature, suggestive of metastasis was given.
The tumor infiltrated the surrounding parotid gland, but no extraparenchymal extension was seen.
Elkin and Bernstein classified renal cysts; (1) renal cysts due to dysplasia of the kidney; (2) polycystic disease; (3) cortical cysts; (4) medullary cysts; (5) miscellaneous intrarenal cysts; (6) extraparenchymal renal cysts.
Bandres JC, White AC Jr, Samo T, et al: Extraparenchymal neurocysticercosis: report of five cases and review of management.
The mass was intradural and extraparenchymal having a thick walled cyst.
49 Extraparenchymal 3 (4) 0 Mixed 8 (11) 0 Lesion stage Cystic only 22 (31) 1 (7) 0.
An extraparenchymal CT finding that can be identified as early as 90 minutes (6,7) after symptom onset is the "hyperdense vessel sign" (Figure 3), which is usually seen in the proximal (M1 segment) MCA, but can be seen in any arterial structure.
Patients with active parenchymal or extraparenchymal disease defined by the neuroradiographic appearance of the lesions can be treated with albendazole, 15 mg/kg/day, divided into 2 daily doses for 8 days.
Extraparenchymal disease, such as ventricular, spinal, and subarachnoid involvement, has a poorer prognosis.
Additional sequence like 3D CISS[4] was acquired for extraparenchymal cystic lesions including both extra-axial and intraventricular group whenever required.
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