extraocular muscles

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ex·tra·oc·u·lar mus·cles (EOM),

the muscles within the orbit but outside of eyeball, including the four rectus muscles (that is, superior, inferior, medial and lateral); two oblique muscles (that is, superior and inferior), and the levator of the superior eyelid (that is, levator palpebrae superioris).
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ex·tra·oc·u·lar mus·cles

(eks'tră-ok'yū-lăr mŭs'ĕlz) [TA]
The muscles within the orbit including the four rectus muscles (superior, inferior, medial, and lateral), two oblique muscles (superior and inferior), and the levator of the superior eyelid (levator palpebrae superioris).
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Extraocular muscles

The muscles (lateral rectus, medial rectus, inferior rectus, superior rectus, superior oblique, and inferior oblique) that move the eyeball.
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Abnormal ocular alignment frequently results from damage to the intranuclear portion of the gaze system, including: cranial nerves (CN) III (oculomotor), IV (trochlear), and VI (abducens), or the myoneural junction or extraocular muscles they innervate.
Idiopathic orbital myositis, also called myositis subtype of idiopathic orbital inflammatory pseudotumor, first described by Gleason (10) in 1903, is a myositis resulting in the inflammation of the extraocular muscles without any local or systemic reason.
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TAO-specific data analyzed were as follows: presence of diplopia and clinical activity score (CAS) [9], information on previous surgeries (extraocular muscles and orbital decompression), previous and current treatment of the TAO (steroids)/Graves' disease (GD) (thyroid surgery and radioiodine treatment), patient's age at onset of TAO, and history of tobacco use.
The wrapping of an implant is done in order to allow attachment of the extraocular muscles and to prevent exposure.
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Left medial blow-out fracture through the anterior lamina papyracea with no entrapment of the extraocular muscles. Haematoma of the left extraocular muscles as described.
IEA was performed using acupuncture needles (25.0 mm in length, 0.20 mm in diameter) gently inserted into the extraocular acupuncture muscle points (the surface projections of the extraocular muscles) coordinated with Tongziliao (GB1), Jingming (BL1), and Cuanzhu (BL2) points as well.
One anterior ciliary artery supplies the lateral rectus muscle and two supply each of the other extraocular muscles. (1) The vertical rectus muscle in particular has a major impact on anterior segment circulation.
The characteristic clinical feature includes fatigable weakness of muscles with early involvement of facial and extraocular muscles [7].
As GO is characterized by the swelling of extraocular muscles and orbital fat [14], we hypothesized that the thickness of extraocular muscles and orbital fat detected by MRI might be useful in evaluating treatment response.