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Extraocular muscles were assessed for range of motion and equality between the eyes.
Because the eyelids remain intact and the process does not reach the deep orbital and perioptic-nerve connective tissues, visual acuity may not be affected and ocular motility is generally well preserved unless the extraocular muscles are involved.
The initial assessment should focus on the firmness of the swelling, extraocular movement, and visual acuity (including evaluation for an afferent pupillary defect).
Extraocular palsies may also occur as a result of tumor extension into the cavernous sinus.
The group also discussed the importance of recognizing artifactual tumor seeding of the choroid and other extraocular tissues during fresh tumor retrieval to avoid overdiagnosing choroidal invasion.
Graves ophthalmopathy is an autoimmune disease in which the volume of both the extraocular muscles and retro-orbital connective tissues is increased.
An abnormality of extraocular eye movements, also known as supranuclear gaze palsy, is the classic symptom, but it may not be seen initially Rigidity of the neck muscles and the extremities is often present.
a student at Blind Brook High School, for his behavioral and social science project titled "Alteration of Sleep and Daytime Cognitive Performance in Adolescents as a Result of Nocturnal Extraocular Light Exposure.
Input from the eyes via the magno-cellular system leads to (primarily unconscious) output interaction with vestibular/ auditory/tactile and proprioception and thereby directing the body's physiology and structure (Skeffington "A/G"--anti-gravity) including intraocular and extraocular muscles (Skeffington "C"--centring).
Conventional risk factors for metastasis in retinoblastoma include extraocular extension or orbital invasion, massive uveal invasion, invasion of the optic nerve posterior to the lamina cribrosa or to the line of surgical transection, and anterior segment involvement.
Head and neck examination revealed that her extraocular muscles were intact.
An ophthalmologist assessed for visual acuity and extraocular movements.