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Extramammary Paget disease expresses androgen receptor but often lacks expression of estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor.
Extramammary Paget disease. An intraepidermal proliferation shows singly dispersed, epithelioid neoplastic cells containing cytoplasmic mucin (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X100).
Vulvar Toker cells: the long-awaited missing link: a proposal for an origin-based histogenetic classification of extramammary Paget disease. Am J Dermatopathol.
Cutaneous mucinous carcinomaarisingin extramammary Paget disease of the perineum.
In contrast to extramammary Paget disease at other sites, Paget disease of perianal skin has been reported to have a high frequency of associated cancers.[1-4,6,7] In our own recent study of PPD,[1] 5 of 11 patients with PPD (45%) had documented rectal adenocarcinoma.