extradural space

ep·i·du·ral space

the space between the walls of the vertebral canal and the dura mater of the spinal cord.
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Despite its benign nature, occasionally, calcified nucleus pulposus herniates within ruptured annulus fibrosus, leading to extradural space occupying lesion and spinal root or cord compression.
More than half of all reported dumbbell tumors were completely restricted to the extradural space, although preoperative MRI suggested the presence of intradural/extradural tumors in some cases (61,62).
The potential space which lies outside the Dura mater is the extradural space, which is being used now a days for epidural anaesthesia.
In the former, CSF escapes from the subarachnoid space to lie in the extradural space, and in time becomes covered by a false capsule or in some instances an intact arachnoid layer, (1) while in the latter all layers of the meninges are present in the sac.
Caption: Figure 4: Case 2: plain lateral radiograph (a) and sagittal T2-weighted MRI (b) showed decreased disc height and the presence of an abscess in the disc and extradural space (arrowhead) at the L1-2 level.
The petrous portion of temporal bone was exposed by proceeding elevation in the extradural space. There was a dural defect near the middle meningeal artery.
Lymphoma of the spinal extradural space. Cancer 1976;38(4): 1862-1866.
The possible reason is that the guidewire had penetrated the side wall of the IJV, and the following catheter is malpositioned to the extradural space. Any nearby structure is potentially at risk from needle puncture, guidewire, dilator, and catheter placement.
At a multidisciplinary team meeting, a clinico-pathological and radiological correlation of the MRI and CT confirmed the large paraspinal mass of the right L3 pedicle and transverse process with soft-tissue mass in the extradural space. These findings were consistent with a malignant tumour and suggested PNET/Ewing's sarcoma.
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