extraction ratio

ex·trac·tion ra·ti·o (E),

the fraction of a substance removed from the blood flowing through the kidney or other organ; it is calculated from the formula (A-V)/A, where A and V, respectively, are the concentrations of the substance in arterial and venous plasma draining from the organ.
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ex·trac·tion ra·ti·o

(E) (ek-strak'shŭn rā'shē-ō)
The fraction of a substance removed from the blood flowing through the kidney.
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The linear variables X1 and X2, the quadratic variables X1 , X2 and X3 were statistically very significant at P < 0.0001; the linear variables X3, two-variable interaction X1X2 and X1X3 had significant influence on the extraction ratio of CGA (P 0.1).
The contents of potassium in the resulting filtrates were measured by flame photometric method and the extraction ratio of potassium ([eta][K.sub.2]O%) was calculated by the following formula:
In a recent study, we have shown that multiple cracks generated by underwater shockwaves act as permeation pathways, increasing the extraction ratio of essential oils in steam distillation processes [7].
Pathogenetic factors include alterations in intestinal absorption, plasma protein binding, hepatic extraction ratio, liver blood flow, portal-systemic shunting, biliary excretion, enterohepatic circulation, and renal clearance.
The solvent extraction ratio ([E.sub.s], %) can be calculated simply by
Extractable complexes evaluated coefficient distribution bution (D) and the extraction ratio (R,%) [3]:
Under isothermal conditions, the extraction ratio "A" in equation (4) represents the difference between the standard values chemical potentials for ionol in oil and in ethanol [3] and can be associated with the function
The initial proposal of this research was to compare the two analytical methodologies (colorimetry and HPLC-IR) only at the extraction ratio of 1:20 (mass of sample in g:volume of extractor solvent in mL), as Brito (2008) had already managed to quantify phytate in diets and excreta from broilers by colorimetry at this extraction ratio.
The new filter mesh material created from plant based resources yields a high extraction ratio and quality infusion.
The gas replenishment to extraction ratio amounted to 118 per cent.

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