Outside the corpuscles, especially the blood corpuscles.
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The ability of Hp to neutralize potential oxidation from the heme in Hb is especially important in DM, where there is increased free extracorpuscular Hb and increased systemic oxidative stress due to hyperglycemia [2].
Rafael Tamargo y cols., postulan que la hemoglobina extracorpuscular liberada de los globulos rojos lisados inducen la mayor expresion de moleculas de Adhesion Celular sobre los leucocitos y celulas endoteliales.
Reappraisal of the etiology of extracorpuscular non-autoimmune acquired hemolyticanemia in 2657 hospitalized patients with non-neoplastic disease.
It is the main cause of acquired extracorpuscular haemolysis in children.
(3.) Reddy VB: Extracorpuscular defects leading to increased erythrocyte destruction-nonimmune causes.

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