extracellular fluid

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ex·tra·cel·lu·lar flu·id (ECF),

1. the interstitial fluid and the plasma, constituting about 20% of the weight of the body;
2. sometimes used to mean all fluid outside of cells, usually excluding transcellular fluid.

extracellular fluid (ECF)

the portion of the body fluid comprising the interstitial fluid and blood plasma. The adult body contains about 11.2 L of interstitial fluid, constituting about 16% of body weight, and about 2.8 L of plasma, constituting about 4% of body weight. Plasma and interstitial fluid are very similar chemically and, in conjunction with intracellular fluid, help control the movement of water and electrolytes throughout the body. Some of the important ionized components of extracellular fluid are protein, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, and certain sulfates.

extracellular fluid

Any fluid not contained within cells, which includes plasma, interstitial fluid and any fluid contained within a natural cavity (e.g., joint fluid, CSF, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid, etc.).

ex·tra·cel·lu·lar flu·id

(ECF) (eks'tră-sel'yŭ-lăr flū'id)
1. The interstitial fluid and the plasma, constituting about 20% of the weight of the body;
2. Sometimes used to mean all fluid outside of cells, but usually excluding transcellular fluid.


situated or occurring outside a cell or cells.

extracellular constituents
all of the constituents of the body outside the cells; include water, electrolytes, protein, glucose, enzymes, hormones.
extracellular fluid
all of the body fluid lying outside the cells. Includes intravascular fluid or plasma and the interstitial fluid. That part of the extracellular fluid that is in special cavities which have special characteristics, e.g. synovial fluid, urine, aqueous humor of eye, are called transcellular fluids.
extracellular matrix
the network of proteins and carbohydrates that surround a cell or fill the intercellular spaces.
extracellular space
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This may account for the potassium losses experienced from the cell into the extracellular fluid, which caused a rise in plasma potassium concentration.
Isotonic solutions are appropriate for patients suffering from extracellular fluid deficits such as in hemorrhaging or hypovolemic shock.
Only extracellular fluid volume was considered in this analysis because of its likely strong influence on short-term residual-limb fluid volume change [2].
However, there are other neurohormones that also affect cardiac output, either by direct action on the heart or by altering vascular resistance or extracellular fluid volume.
1 MIVF is administered to expand extracellular fluid volume, replace the physiological plus insensible losses of water and electrolytes from urine, stool, skin and respiratory tract.
15) Conversely, birds are able to increase their GFR in response to extracellular fluid expansion induced by fluid therapy.
For this reason, chloride is involved significantly in the maintenance of water distribution, osmotic pressure, and anion-cation balance in the extracellular fluid compartment.
She had no fever and no signs of contracted extracellular fluid volume.
Here, the cerebrospinal fluid becomes the extracellular fluid supplying the bulk of tissue in the central nervous system.

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