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Evaluation of extracapsular extension in prostate cancer using qualitative and quantitative multiparametric MRI.
Can you always differentiate between Intracapsular and Extracapsular Disorders?
sup][10],[11],[12],[13],[14] Only a few studies involved capsular invasion (CI) or extracapsular extension (ECE) of PTCs using ultrasonography.
Visual acuity following extracapsular cataract extraction in diabetics: A meta-analysis.
A lateral extracapsular suture was placed by modifying the technique originally described by De Angelis and Hohn' to stabilize the knee.
14] Tumour vascularity, extracapsular invasion and elastography are other important characters that needs to be assessed.
This time around Albarado is performing the extracapsular procedures alongside him.
Extracapsular extension was not documented in the AMAROS trial.
13) Si la fractura afecta al cuello del condilo y, por tanto, es extracapsular, la cabeza del condilo a menudo se disloca, casi siempre en una direccion hacia adelante y medial.
The patients with AFTN had a poorer prognosis than did those with Graves disease; 2 of them (patients 3 and 7) had extracapsular invasion and lymph node metastasis, and another (patient 8) died of her disease.