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The spokesman added: "We would urge people to ensure that tea lights are properly extinguished because hey have a habit of re-igniting."
The fire was totally extinguished in just two minutes.
However, its lien against the debtor's interest in the plan is not extinguished and will continue to exist notwithstanding the bankruptcy proceeding.
With full confidence in its tax position and protection from federal, state and local taxes, fines, penalties, interest and appeals, the reserve for $220 million is extinguished, the merger proceeds smoothly, and shareholders are fully protected.
In the test, the fire wasn't completely extinguished, says Kim, because the researchers didn't have enough of the quenching slurry on hand.
There will be discussion before a future course is set, but talk of rebuilding had begun even before the flames were extinguished.
In another case, plastic foam egg cartons stacked open in a rack were not extinguished in a test fire.
The underpayment that is eliminated by the carryback is sometimes referred to as an "extinguished deficiency" or a "potential deficiency." Notwithstanding that the tax underpayment extinguished by the carryback does not have to be paid, interest is payable on the extinguished deficiency.
Forest fires, broke out in Gabala, Ismayilli, Gusar, Barda, and Agsu, have completely been extinguished, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan told APA.
A fire that engulfed 24 bags containing aluminium dross chemical waste at Jalan Perindustrian 5, Pontian Industrial Area, near Pontian, was finally extinguished at 6pm today.
BAGHDAD (NINA) - Civil defense teams extinguished a number of fires in orchards and wheat crops in Nineveh and Kirkuk.
Due to the presence of fire extinguishing equipment at the PM Office and timely action of fire brigade, the fire was extinguished, a statement issued by the PM Media Office here said.