external rotation

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external rotation

Lateral rotation Biomechanics The act of turning about an axis passing through the center of the leg; ER of the leg occurs with closed chain supination; the talus acts as an extension of the leg in frontal and transverse planes

ex·ter·nal ro·ta·tion

(eks-tĕr'năl rō-tā'shŭn)
Movement of a joint, around its long axis, away from the midline of the body.
Synonym(s): lateral rotation.
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Bracing in external rotation for traumatic anterior dislocation of the shoulder.
The height has the moderate correlation to the distance measured in 45[degrees] of shoulder external rotation, but no correlation in 0[degrees] of shoulder external rotation.
Other tests of rotational laxity of the knee include the external rotation recurvatum test, reverse-pivot shift, posterolateral drawer, and standing apprehension test.
At the end of 5 weeks intervention, mean scores in all outcome measures visual analogue scale (VAS), range of movement and shoulder pain and disability index (SPDI) significantly increased in both groups with p-valueless than 0.05 for VAS, shoulder abduction, external rotation, internal rotation range of movements and SPDI.
So, rather than compressing the humeral head into the glenoid fossa, the rotator cuff pulls the scapula upward and laterally resulting in greater scapular protraction and external rotation (24).
Majority of them were caused by external rotation injuries, supination--external rotation (40%) and pronation--external rotation (27.5%).
With the arm in neutral position (0 degrees), the path of the biceps tendon on the articular surface of the humeral head was observed in maximum internal rotation and external rotation. Markings were made with indelible ink on the humeral head along the posterior aspect of the tendon at its most posterior position and then along the anterior aspect of the tendon at its most anterior position.
The tibial internal rotation increases as knee flexes, and femoral relative external rotation decreases after about 90[degrees] flexion, accompanying 9[degrees] adduction of femur (Figure 9).
"Many dance movements are performed with hip external rotation at extreme ranges of motion," says Jenna M.
The range of motion in the hip joint is normal, but there is local point tenderness over the greater tuberosity that is exacerbated with external rotation of the hip and hip abduction against resistance.
Each subject was scanned with and without weight bearing in a neutral position ("neutral" external rotation) and in 90[degrees], where the degree of foot rotation was measured between the bisector line of the heel and the supporting surface.
A physical examination revealed an antialgic gait with the right hip in external rotation. The range of flexion and extension of the right hip were normal, but it was painful at the end of the range.

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