external radiation therapy

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external radiation therapy (ERT)

the therapeutic application of ionizing radiation from an external beam of a kilovoltage radiographic machine; a megavoltage cobalt 60 machine; or a supervoltage linear accelerator, cyclotron, or betatron. ERT is used most frequently in the treatment of cancer but also in the therapy of keloids and some dermatological conditions and in counteracting the body's physiological rejection of transplanted organs.

External radiation therapy

Radiation therapy that focuses high-energy rays from a machine on the area of the tumor.
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Patients reported to have similar levels of fatigue in both the control and experimental group and mostly patients were reported to have mild fatigue at the beginning of the external radiation therapy [Table 1].
Effectiveness of Programmed Deep Breathing Exercises in Reducing the Level of Fatigue in Cancer Patients Receiving External Radiation Therapy
So it can be interpreted from the study findings that deep breathing exercises were effective intervention in reducing the level of fatigue in cancer patients receiving external radiation therapy and can be incorporated in oncology practice to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.
The present study aims to assess the effectiveness of deep breathing exercises in reducing level of fatigue in cancer patients receiving external radiation therapy.
Keywords: cervical cancer, treatment, cervical cancer treatment, radiation, radiation therapy, external radiation therapy, chemotherapy
In addition, when patients receive external radiation therapy, it is common for the skin in the treated area to become red or dry.
Your doctor may recommend a combination of internal and external radiation therapy.
Soreness in your mouth or throat may appear in the second or third week of external radiation therapy.

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