external oblique ridge

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ob·lique line of man·di·ble

the line on the external surface of the mandible that extends from the mental tubercle to the ramus and separates the alveolar and basilar parts of the bone.
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external oblique ridge

An anatomical landmark that is a continuation of the anterior border of the mandibular ramus and extends obliquely to the region of the first molar. It serves as an attachment of the buccinator muscle and appears superior to the mylohyoid ridge on a dental radiograph.
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ex·ter·nal ob·lique ridge

(eks-tĕrnăl ō-blēk rij)
A line of bone located on the buccal side of the mandible extending from the anterior border of the ramus to the mandibular third molar area. Appears in x-rays as a radiopaque curved line ending in the mandibular molar area.
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