external oblique muscle

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ex·ter·nal ob·lique mus·cle

(eks-tĕr'năl ō-blēk' mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, fifth to twelfth ribs; insertion, anterior half of lateral lip of iliac crest, inguinal ligament, and anterior layer of the rectus sheath; action, diminishes capacity of abdomen, draws thorax downward; nerve supply, thoracoabdominal nerves.
Synonym(s): musculus obliquus externus abdominis [TA] .
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external oblique muscle

Abdominal wall muscle. Origin: lower costal margin. Insertion: anterior half of iliac crest, rectus sheath, inguinal ligament. Nerve: intercostals 8-12, iliohypogastric, ilioinguinal (L1). Action: tenses and compresses abdomen, flexes and laterally rotates spine, lowers rib cage.
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(ES, erector spinae; LD, latissimus dorsi; QL, quadratus lumborum; EO, external oblique muscle; PM, psoas major; TLF, thoracolumbar fascia; TF, transversalis fascia).
RA: rectus abdominis; TA: transversus abdominis; IO: internal oblique muscle; EO: external oblique muscle; QL: quadratus lumborum; L.
In their course they pierce the external oblique muscle giving off the lateral cutaneous branch which divides into anterior and posterior branches that supply the external oblique muscle and latissmus dorsi respectively.
The external oblique muscle and the aponeurosis were extremely thin [Image-2] and the hernial sac was lying in between external and internal oblique muscles.
The abdominal tumor was located deep to the left external oblique muscles and was non-infiltrating.
Saeterbakken and Fimland (11) observed lower strength in 6RM on US and similar EMG activity in the anterior deltoid, biceps brachii, and external oblique muscles. In contrast, in the triceps brachii and pectoralis major, the authors observed higher EMG activity on SS.
(17) Furthermore, the activation of rectus abdominis, TrA, and internal and external oblique muscles was investigated during abdominal hollowing in four different positions.
EMG analysis- For this exercise, the predominant muscle activity was for rectus abdominus and external oblique muscles. The peak muscle activity is shown in Table 2 for the subjects.
Also palpate any possible abdominal trigger points, pushing only hard enough to reach the rectus or external oblique muscles, which should reproduce all or part of her pain.
The bicycle crunch stimulates the rectus abdominus and the internal and external oblique muscles.
The surface electromyographic activity was collected from the triceps, pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, rectus abdominis and external oblique muscles. The authors found no statistically significant difference in average muscle activity between surfaces (bench vs.
This was empirically confirmed by noting the measured values of myoelectric antagonistic coactivity--that is, the preparatory EMG from the recti abdominis and external oblique muscles increased significantly during fatigue trials (Table 2), potentially to mitigate the loss in stiffness from paraspinal muscle fatigue.

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