external matrix

ex·ter·nal ma·trix

the substance occupying the space between the inner and outer membrane of any organelle (for example, mitochondria) with a double membrane.
See also: intermembrane space.
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Some steps to be done are making an internal and external matrix from the strategy of Balikpapan Foodies community support.
(1) Each minimum external matrix of candidate text regions is calculated.
The produced nanofibers enable the desirable interaction with cells by carrying out dimension and structural simulation of natural cellular external matrix. The porosity in the nanofiberous structure provides the chance for the delivery of nutritious materials to the cells and removing the waste from the cells.
Match or comparison: comparing the main internal and external factors using SWOT and IE (Internal and External matrix) for identifying the strategies in alliance with the organizational mission
In addition to up-shifting the construction function their strategy also required up-shifting and aligning marketing, sales, procurement, HR and matching levels in an external matrix with their clients and project partners.
Every individual consciousness is shared on a huge external matrix. Cyborg security agent Batou and his human partner Togusa have a new case on their books - a prototype sex robot has gone haywire, killing its owner.