external malleolus

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lat·er·al mal·le·o·lus

the process at the lateral side of the lower end of the fibula, forming the projection of the lateral part of the ankle; the lateral malleolus extends farther inferiorly than the medial malleolus.

external malleolus

Etymology: L, externus, outward, malleolus, little hammer
a rounded bony prominence on either side of the ankle joint. Also called malleolus fibulae.


(mal-e'o-lus) plural.malleoli [L. malleolus, little hammer]
The protuberance on both sides of the ankle joint; the lower extremity of the fibula is the lateral malleolus and lower end of the tibia is the medial malleolus. malleolar (-o-lar), adjective

external malleolus

Lateral malleolus.

lateral malleolus

Process on outer edge of fibula at lower end.
Synonym: external malleolus

medial malleolus

Round process on inner edge of tibia at lower end.