external cephalic version

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ex·ter·nal cephalic ver·sion

version performed entirely by external manipulation.
See also: cephalic version.

external cephalic version

Obstetrics A procedure that externally rotates the fetus from a breech position to a vertex presentation. See Emergency C-section.

ex·ter·nal ce·phal·ic ver·sion

(eks-tĕr'năl sĕ-fal'ik vĕr'zhŭn)
Movement performed entirely by external manipulation.
See also: cephalic version


(ver'zhon) [L. versio, a turning]
1. Altering of the position of the fetus in the uterus. It may occur naturally or may be done mechanically by the physician to facilitate delivery. See: conversion
2. Deflection of an organ such as the uterus from its normal position.

bimanual version

Cephalic version

bipolar version

Cephalic version

cephalic version

Turning of the fetus so that the head presents. This may be done by internal and/or external manipulation.
Synonym: bimanual version; bipolar version; external cephalic version; fetal version

combined version

Mechanical version by combined internal and external manipulation.

external version

Improving the presentation of an unengaged fetus by placing one's hands on the mother's abdomen and pushing, turning, or rotating the fetus.

external cephalic version

Cephalic version

fetal version

Cephalic version

internal version

Podalic version.

pelvic version

Turning a fetus from a transverse lie to a vertex (head down) presentation.

podalic version

Using two hands (one inside the uterus and one on the abdominal wall) to change a twin fetus from a breech to a vertex presentation. Synonym: internal version

spontaneous version

Unassisted conversion of fetal presentation by uterine muscular contractions.
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External cephalic version has a slight (2.4%)28 risk of silent feto-maternal hemorrhage, so all the rhesus-negative patients should be given anti-D prophylaxis after completion of the procedure; however we didn't have any such patient in our study.
External cephalic version is a valuable tool against the rising cesarean section rate and complementing this procedure by tocolysis can further add up to the success of the procedure.
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Women were excluded when their parity was >4; if there were contraindications for labor, vaginal delivery, external cephalic version, or early external cephalic version; or if the subject planned to move away during the pregnancy.
Data Source: A study that randomized 1,532 women with breech presentations to either an early external cephalic version or a later version performed at 37 weeks.
The success rate of external cephalic version was 43% in the CSE group and 33% in the systemic analgesia group.
Predictors of External Cephalic Version Success Odds Ratio P value Parity >0 2.25 .001 Tocolysis 1.73 .001 Amniotic fluid index >10 cm 1.56 .001 Estimated fetal weight >3,000 g 1.20 .154 Frank breech presentation 0.80 .088 Gestational age >38 weeks 0.74 .027 Maternal BMI >35 kg/[m.sup.2] 0.21 .001 Note: Results of a multivariate logistic regression analysis.
These data should be incorporated into informed consent procedures before an attempted external cephalic version, he said.
Yet in one prospective study, nine external cephalic versions were successful in a group of 31 women receiving nitroglycerin.

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