decerebrate posturing

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the assumption of abnormal patterns of flexion and extension in a patient with severe brain injury. See also decerebrate rigidity and decorticate rigidity.
decerebrate posturing see decerebrate rigidity.

decerebrate posturing

posturing manifested by the obtunded patient extending arms laterally away from the center of the body in response to noxious stimuli, with flexed wrists outward.
See also: coma scale.
Synonym(s): extensor response
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Bilateral plantar extensor response. Developmental age is 1 year by using Denver scale.
Neurologic examination showed mild paresis in the left lower extremity and extensor response of the plantar reflex.
Therefore this flexion 'deformity' inhibits any possible extensor response.
Most authors continue to suggest that the extensor response may be normal up to 1 year of age.

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