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En nuestro estudio observamos 6 casos de inervacion compartida a partir de un tronco nervioso, 5 casos un tronco comun para el musculo braquiorradial y 1 caso con distribucion para el musculo extensor radial corto del carpo.
In a study it was evaluated that to inhibit the spastic posture of CP child, there is an intense need to find out the appropriate angles of hip joint and knee joint flexion.24 In our study hammock positioning promoted hip joint and spinal flexion that helped to overcome extensor tone.
A media do PT extensor do joelho foi maior na posicao sentada quando comparada com a posicao supina: 194,87 [+ or -] 34,84 N.m e 169,13 [+ or -] 32,23 N.m, respectivamente (p=0,045).
Table 1: Mean, SD, "P" value of endurance test Outcome measures Test Mean[+ or -]SD P Flexor endurance test Pre-test 37.89[+ or -]25.62 0.00 Post-test 64.83[+ or -]22.08 Extensor endurance test Pre-test 64.78[+ or -]35.85 0.00 Post-test 97.39[+ or -]36.85 Horizontal side support Pre-test 32.39[+ or -]20.63 0.00 right side Post-test 60.72[+ or -]12.97 Horizontal side support Pre-test 27.06[+ or -]14.32 0.00 left side Post-test 54.61[+ or -]15.31 Post-test 18.50[+ or -]4.38 The table shows a significant difference between pre-test and post-test of flexor, extensor, horizontal right, and left side endurance test at P<0.05 (0.00).
If no effusion was found in the clinical examination and all available MRI revealed no tumor mass deep to the extensor mechanism, we resigned an extra-articular knee resection.
Muscle strength was M4 for the right triceps and M1 for the wrist and finger extensors. Sensory disturbance (3/10 on the ten test) was observed in the area of the radial nerve.
Extensor retinaculum, a fascia that holds the tendons of the carpal extensor muscles was observed in the distal row of the carpal bones.
The tests were implemented as follows: a) isometric strength of the back extensor and flexor muscles, three repetitions for each of directions at 60[degrees] flexion; and b) isokinetic concentric muscle strength of the back extensor and flexor muscles, three repetitions at 60[degrees]/s angular speed and 16 repetitions at 120[degrees]/s angular speed.
Pairwise comparisons with Sidak post hoc test revealed Instrument B generated significantly more muscle activity when compared to instruments A and C (p=0.016) (p=0.041) at the 50th percentile affecting the flexor pollicis longus and extensor digitorum communis, respectively.
The extensor process arises from the cranial proximal aspect of the carpometacarpus (4) and is extremely important for flight; it is the primary site for attachment of the tensor propatagialis muscle on the carpus, via the pars longus tendon.
Figure 3 demonstrates that the GRF passed through the front of three joints which generated the hip flexor, knee extensor, and dorsiflexion torques.

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