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A general term referring to a vertically stepped progression or appearance
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Extension ladders are rated for various weight capacities, which should be marked on the side of the ladder.
As he lies on the ground looking at the clear blue sky above, he wishes he had gotten his extension ladder from Frosty.
An extension ladder wouldn't have helped - for this job, Saxton would have needed a strap and some climbing spikes.
The Film Board's "The Extension Ladder" was number five in its series called Basic Rescue.
The crew used hand tools, a short extension ladder, thermal imaging camera and a stirrup pump and extinguish the blaze.
A rescue crew from Tyne & Wear Fire Brigade was called at 2.20am and used a short extension ladder to free the pair, who have not been named.
Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade used a short extension ladder to free the pair.
Ambulance crews had to switch to a Land Rover to cross fields and fire crews used a lorry with a triple extension ladder to rescue the 48-year-old man, whose glider had crashed into a tree on Tysoe Hill, Upper Tysoe, near Stratford.
Immediately, he located an extension ladder from a maintenance shed, extended it to her window, and attempted to calm her.
You could use a good quality extension ladder, although the downside of these is they need moving all the time so you can reach what you're doing easily, and for safety's sake need to be secured each time.
The tree appeared from ground level to be approximately 25 feet in height, so I retrieved my new 20-foot extension ladder that I'd been dying to use.