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something that enlarges or prolongs; called also expander.
artificial plasma extender (plasma volume extender) a substance that can be transfused to maintain fluid volume of the blood in event of great necessity, supplemental to the use of whole blood and plasma. Called also plasma volume expander.
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1. A person who or device that spreads, stretches, or increases.
2. Substance that prolongs a medication's effect.
[L. extendo, to stretch]
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Figures 2 and 3 present the data on how the structure deforms in the linear viscoelastic region upon increases of frequency, the idea being to infer the effect of the chain extender on molecular rebuilding by measuring variation in the values of the complex viscosity and storage modulus.
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Likewise, the Vit E supplementation with dose of 0.75 or 1 mg/ml in lactose based extender has increased post-thaw sperm plasma membrane integrity.
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