extended care facility

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extended care facility (ECF)

Etymology: L, extendere, to stretch
an institution devoted to providing medical, nursing, or custodial care for an individual over a prolonged period, such as during the course of a chronic disease or the rehabilitation phase after an acute illness. Kinds of extended care facilities are intermediate care facility and skilled nursing facility. Also called convalescent home, nursing home.

extended care facility

A health care institution for patients who require long-term custodial, nursing, or medical care, esp. for a chronic disease or prolonged rehabilitation.
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Barton's family would especially like to thank the staff at Wachusett Extended Care Facility for their wonderful care, love and kindness during her lengthy stay there as well as the UMass Memorial Hospice Program.
s The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Pavilion, and Augustana Lutheran Home, Lutheran Medical Center's extended care facility, will each run a simultaneous program composed of three two-hour segments per topic.
Prescott, 62, of Holden, died Saturday, November 17, 2007 in Wachusett Extended Care Facility, Holden after an illness.
Elizabeth Ann's Health Care & Rehabilitation Center, an extended care facility, home care and hospice program; a pre-school day care center and several senior housing programs.

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