extemporaneous compounding

ex·tem·po·ra·ne·ous com·pound·ing

(eks-tem'pŏr-ā'nē-ŭs kom'pownd-ing)
A medication or product made specifically for an individual patient.
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The pharmacy staff and technicians have extensive training and expertise in extemporaneous compounding.
This, say Baxa, allows pharmacies to track oral dose prep, extemporaneous compounding, telepharmacy and manual additions as well as IV dose prep.
Coverage extends to guidelines for the extemporaneous compounding of ophthalmic solutions and information on systemic drugs affecting the eye and systemic medications used for ocular conditions.
The addition of the USP 797 Clean Room to Celerion's Phase I core capabilities, enables sterile extemporaneous compounding in-house for microtracer studies.
He has worked in multiple pharmacy practice settings, located in Alaska, Iowa and Kansas, and has taught extemporaneous compounding principles to pharmacy students in Drake University's Pharmaceutics Laboratory course.
The warning letter states that Pulmo-Dose's compounding of formulations of budesonide, albuterol/ipratropium, and formoterol/budesonide exceeds the scope of the practice of pharmacy and that Pulmo-Dose is operating as a pharmaceutical manufacturer and not a pharmacy engaged in extemporaneous compounding.
Clinical IQ, LLC, a healthcare consulting firm that assists clients who require expertise in the area of USP Chapter <797>, aseptic processing (pharmacy and pharmaceutical based), medical device manufacturing, employee training, policy and procedure development and the implementation of extemporaneous compounding quality systems.
Lou has extensive experience in IV and extemporaneous compounding, and lectures and consults on these topics.