exstrophy of the bladder

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the turning inside out of an organ, such as the urinary bladder.
exstrophy of the bladder congenital absence of a portion of the abdominal wall and bladder wall, the bladder appearing to be turned inside out, with the internal surface of its posterior wall showing through the opening in the anterior wall.
exstrophy of cloaca (cloacal exstrophy) a developmental anomaly in which two segments of bladder (hemibladders) are separated by an area of intestine with a mucosal surface, resembling a large red tumor in the midline of the lower abdomen.
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ex·stro·phy of the blad·der

a congenital deficiency of the anterior wall of the bladder and the anterior abdominal wall; the posterior wall of the bladder being exposed and everted.
Synonym(s): ectopia vesicae
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ex·stro·phy of the blad·der

(eks'trŏ-fē blad'ĕr)
A congenital gap in the anterior wall of the bladder and the adjacent abdominal wall, the interior and posterior wall of the bladder being exposed.
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