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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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1. To press or squeeze out.
2. To synthesize a product, especially a protein, encoded by a gene.
3. To manifest a genetic trait or the effects of a gene.
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Expanded Prophylaxis Evaluation Surgery Study. A trial designed to demonstrate non-inferiority of melagatran/ximelagatran and test for superiority compared to enoxaparin in preventing venous thromboembolism (VTE) post total hip or knee replacement.
Major VTE occurred in 2.3% of melagatran/ximelagatran patients and 6.3% of enoxaparin; “excessive bleeding as judged by the investigator” was increased in melagatran/ximelagatran patients.
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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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Q. where do the expression "going back on the wagon " come from?


Q. What role does emotion have in the life of someone with autism? I just find the whole disorder of autism hard to understand because I'm a really emotional person. I'm especially interested in how people with mild autism or Asperger's can function fine but then when it comes to feeling empathy they have such trouble. I guess my question is how such people experience emotion--are these people actually unable to care about others? My intention is not to sound ignorant, I'm genuinely curious.

A. I have asperger's and most everything for me is logically analyzed and I have a difficulty knowing what emotion goes with certain situations and how the emotion manifests itself within me.
I care about others, I just cannot always put myself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.

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Article II, as amended by Thomas Burke and passed by Congress, states: "Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled."
The court further noted that the preamble to the Vienna Convention expressly disclaims the creation of any individual rights.); Cardenas v.
""The Achiever" is a monthly newsletter designed expressly for parents and community leaders.
Although a "treaty" struck between the ABA and AICPA in the mid-1970s set forth parameters for lawyer communications with auditors, and expressly recognized attorney-client privilege, some believe the treaty was "broken" in 2003 by AU 9326, which encouraged auditors to obtain opinions that clients relied on for their tax position, "notwithstanding concerns regarding attorney-client privilege."
In some jurisdictions, the probate courts closely monitor estate and trust expenses, and may disallow or substantially reduce payments to CPAs and other parties from the trust or estate, if they are not specifically provided for in the governing instruments or expressly permitted by law.
This product was developed expressly to address post-mold fogging that can occur when volatile additives leach to the surface of finished parts over time.
"The policy should expressly indicate the district's jurisdiction over items outside of school [such as laptops and cell phones] and the rationale for the action," says Aftab.
The new work goes further, Joachim says, because the scientists designed HB-HBP expressly to carry out atom-hauling chores.
Except as expressly noted herein, this memorandum applies to all non-DoD contract vehicles, to include orders placed by Army personnel against the General Services Administration's Federal Supply Schedules.
Christian Brothers Institute of Michigan that "nothing in the [Labor Mediation Act] expressly grants the MERC jurisdiction over labor issues that arise in parochial schools."
"To minimize the administrative burdens of both the taxpayer and the IRS in the future," TEI stated, "we also recommend that the reasonable cause exception be expanded to expressly include pre-effective date defective elections and certifications."
College membership is required if a person represents or holds out expressly or by implication that he or she is a social worker or a social service worker or a registered social worker or a registered social service worker.