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the extent to which a heritable trait is manifested by an individual carrying the principal gene or genes that determine it.
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In clinical genetics, the degree of severity in which a gene is manifested.
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n. pl. expressivi·ties
1. The quality of being expressive.
2. Genetics The degree to which an expressed gene produces its effects in an organism.
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The degree of severity shown by an AUTOSOMAL dominant trait in any particular affected individual. The main feature of expressivity is its variability.
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the degree to which a particular gene exhibits itself in the PHENOTYPE of an organism, once it has undergone PENETRANCE. Thus, for example, a penetrant baldness gene in man can have a wide range of expressivity, from thinning hair to complete lack of hair.
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The extent to which an inherited trait or disease is manifested in the phenotype. It is a qualitative evaluation unlike penetrance. Syn. expression.
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Patient discussion about expressivity

Q. where do the expression "going back on the wagon " come from?


Q. What role does emotion have in the life of someone with autism? I just find the whole disorder of autism hard to understand because I'm a really emotional person. I'm especially interested in how people with mild autism or Asperger's can function fine but then when it comes to feeling empathy they have such trouble. I guess my question is how such people experience emotion--are these people actually unable to care about others? My intention is not to sound ignorant, I'm genuinely curious.

A. I have asperger's and most everything for me is logically analyzed and I have a difficulty knowing what emotion goes with certain situations and how the emotion manifests itself within me.
I care about others, I just cannot always put myself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.

More discussions about expressivity
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Similarly, in their meta-analysis, Gray and Tickle-Dengen [8] report that the average correlation between recognition and expressivity across a number of studies was r = 0.47.
Ozturk & Sahin (2007) determined that mean scores of emotional expressivity and mean scores of social control of elite players were significantly higher than those who were not elite players.
Expressiveness, at first close related to oral communication, have been broader embodied to SLP practice with voice professionals, but the publications are still focused on oral expressivity.
in [2] used the FACS to analyze facial expressivity of PD patients versus control.
As an extension of our previous work that examined both observer-based and computerized measurements of facial expressivity of emotions, we tested sensitivity of the information-theoretic measures in characterizing and quantifying affective expression deficits in schizophrenia, and we examined their relationship with observer-based ratings of inappropriate and flattened emotion expressions.
Table 4: Comparison between male and female on Adult Attachment Scale (AAS) and Emotional Expressivity Scale (EES) among Depressed Individuals and Non depressed (N = 150)
Ohman is not suitable, so we propose to apply linear interpolation between expressivity coefficients of these phonemes.
Becker's ex-fiancee comes up with a diet that vastly improves the usual liquid intake, while his father devises a system of communication, using eye movements to spell out words or indicate musical notes, that functions with remarkable speed and accuracy, allowing Becker a wide range of expressivity.
In addition, the analysis of the histologic criteria shows that they may present a variable grade of expressivity; in fact, a histologic feature may often be easily attestable, but sometimes it is so subtle that to establish if it is or is not present may not be simple.
Priori's presentation at the scientific session addressed gender differences in inheritable disorders and discussed how gender is an undisputed modifier of the expressivity of inherited arrhythmogenic disorders.
The collection's go-to colour was a chic midnight blue, a colour Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo Piccioli felt expressed intimacy, as compared with the expressivity of the iconic Valentino red.
Early attachment appears to be an indicator of later emotional expressivity in relationships.