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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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1. To press or squeeze out.
2. To synthesize a product, especially a protein, encoded by a gene.
3. To manifest a genetic trait or the effects of a gene.
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Expanded Prophylaxis Evaluation Surgery Study. A trial designed to demonstrate non-inferiority of melagatran/ximelagatran and test for superiority compared to enoxaparin in preventing venous thromboembolism (VTE) post total hip or knee replacement.
Major VTE occurred in 2.3% of melagatran/ximelagatran patients and 6.3% of enoxaparin; “excessive bleeding as judged by the investigator” was increased in melagatran/ximelagatran patients.
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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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Q. where do the expression "going back on the wagon " come from?


Q. What role does emotion have in the life of someone with autism? I just find the whole disorder of autism hard to understand because I'm a really emotional person. I'm especially interested in how people with mild autism or Asperger's can function fine but then when it comes to feeling empathy they have such trouble. I guess my question is how such people experience emotion--are these people actually unable to care about others? My intention is not to sound ignorant, I'm genuinely curious.

A. I have asperger's and most everything for me is logically analyzed and I have a difficulty knowing what emotion goes with certain situations and how the emotion manifests itself within me.
I care about others, I just cannot always put myself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.

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Maternal expressiveness. Maternal expressiveness was evaluated using the Self-Expressiveness in the Family Questionnaire (Halberstadt et al., 1995), which consists of 40 items that are divided into two dimensions, positive and negative.
Participants were students from first to seventh periods of the course and voluntarily enrolled to participate in training "Vocal expressiveness and body to speak well in telejournalism".
In response to RQ2, we found that significant differences based on disagreement type (behaviors or ideas) existed in relational continuation [F(1, 2085) = 5.09, p < .05, partial [[eta].sup.2] = .002], negative expressiveness [F(1, 2085) = 4.50, p < .05, partial [[eta].sup.2] = .002], changing the target [F(1, 2085) = 26.75, p < .001, partial [[eta].sup.2] = .01], self-demand/other-withdraw [F(1, 2085) = 7.18, p < .01, partial if = .003], civility [F(1, 2085) = 4.07, p < .05, partial [[eta].sup.2] = .002], and climate [F(1, 2085) = 13.58, p < .001, partial [[eta].sup.2] = .01].
But he more than made up for this with the continual dramatic interest and sheer expressiveness of his singing, including some judicious embellishments and a dramatic change of tone during "But who may abide the day of his coming?" Another advantage of a male alto is that words are probably sung with greater clarity than is sometimes the case with an operatic female alto.
That expressiveness is an objective property of music means that qualified listeners agree, to a great extent, about their emotive descriptions of music.
Consonants' visual expressiveness is much lower, so they are highly dependable from neighbouring vowels.
Although the two teachers had very different approaches to teaching expressiveness, all of their students' performances improved in musicality.
The purpose of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of the effect of music expressiveness on physiological reactions, the contribution of expressive cues to musical emotion decoding, the acoustic attributes of music, the emotional content of music, and neural networks devoted to music processing components.
The thing about Tauseeq is his extreme expressiveness. When he is interviewing girls, which includes actresses most of the time, his facial expressions while reacting to their answers would beat even Malika-i-Jazbat, Bahar, flat.
The present study is aimed to show a relationship between personal growth, emotional expressiveness and assertiveness of working and non-working females.
Part of what hinders our capacity to see this quality in their gestures is a general concept of blackness that privileges public expressiveness and resistance.