expression library

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ex·pres·sion li·brar·y

a collection of plasmids or phages containing a representative sample of cDNA or genomic fragments that are constructed in such a way that they will be transcribed and translated by the host organism (usually bacteria).


1. the aspect or appearance of the face as determined by the physical or emotional state.
2. the act of squeezing out or evacuating by pressure.
3. the manifestation of a heritable trait in an individual carrying the gene or genes which determine it.

expression library
a number of different DNA molecules cloned into a single expression vector.
expression vector
a cloning vector that carries a gene into the host cell and promotes its expression.
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A useful approach may involve the use of an expression library, whereby the genome of a pathogen is fragmented and the pieces of DNA captured to create a pathogen library that represents most of the T cell epitopes that exist for that pathogen.
The new XE release of Delphi and RAD Studio provides a great new feature set, including a regular expression library and tools like AQtime and Beyond Compare, that will further streamline our development processes and help increase the efficiency of our development teams.