expressed sequence tag

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expressed sequence tag (EST)

a partial GENE sequence, usually from the end of a cDNA clone, that is unique to a gene and that can be used to identify it during GENOME analysis. The partial sequence of the cDNA provides a tag to locate the position of the expressed gene (from which mRNA and hence the cDNA is prepared), even though the identity of the gene itself may not be known. See also SEQUENCE TAGGED SITE.
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cDNA sequences for transcription factors and signaling proteins of the hemichordate Saccoglossus kowalevskii: efficacy of the expressed sequence tag (EST) approach for evolutionary and developmental studies of a new organism.
Thus, for example, when Merck decided to sponsor the Merck Genome Initiative to generate partial gene sequences (expressed sequence tags or ESTs)(27) in the public domain, two other private firms already had a significant lead over the Merck-sponsored effort in generating private databases of ESTs.(28) It is plausible that by putting ESTs in the public domain, Merck hoped to create prior art that would defeat future patent claims to the full-length genes corresponding to the ESTs, although it now seems unlikely that such a strategy will prove successful.(29)
The precursor to this approach would be sequencing Expressed Sequence Tags using Sanger sequencing technology.
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The company's LifeSeq Gold database integrates expressed sequence tag (EST) and full-length gene sequence information, mapping data and public genomic sequence information.
Expressed sequence tag (EST) sequencing has been considered an efficient approach for genomic study and functional gene identification, especially for those species without a genome reference.
To amplify the ORF region of the PtCacyBP gene, this study used the previously obtained PtCacyBP expressed sequence tag sequence (PT0030E11) and designed two primers: PtCacyBP-F1 (5' CGC TCG AGG ATG TCT AAC AAG CTG GAG GAG 3', position: 1-21, see Fig.
The array elements were selected from 6,494 cDNA clones identified in a large-scale expressed sequence tag (EST) project.
The main databases serving as the targets for MS data searches are the expressed sequence tag and the protein sequence databases, which contain protein sequence information translated from DNA sequence data (29).
The NCBI database and an expressed sequence tag database (Mytibase) of transcribed sequences of Mytilus galloprovincialis (Venier et al.
An expressed sequence tag database of T-cell-enriched activated chicken splenocytes: sequence analysis of 5251 clones.