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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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1. To press or squeeze out.
2. To synthesize a product, especially a protein, encoded by a gene.
3. To manifest a genetic trait or the effects of a gene.
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Expanded Prophylaxis Evaluation Surgery Study. A trial designed to demonstrate non-inferiority of melagatran/ximelagatran and test for superiority compared to enoxaparin in preventing venous thromboembolism (VTE) post total hip or knee replacement.
Major VTE occurred in 2.3% of melagatran/ximelagatran patients and 6.3% of enoxaparin; “excessive bleeding as judged by the investigator” was increased in melagatran/ximelagatran patients.
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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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To press or squeeze out.
[L. ex-premo, pp. -pressus, to press out]
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Q. where do the expression "going back on the wagon " come from?


Q. What role does emotion have in the life of someone with autism? I just find the whole disorder of autism hard to understand because I'm a really emotional person. I'm especially interested in how people with mild autism or Asperger's can function fine but then when it comes to feeling empathy they have such trouble. I guess my question is how such people experience emotion--are these people actually unable to care about others? My intention is not to sound ignorant, I'm genuinely curious.

A. I have asperger's and most everything for me is logically analyzed and I have a difficulty knowing what emotion goes with certain situations and how the emotion manifests itself within me.
I care about others, I just cannot always put myself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.

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Though it was agreed that they felt personally supported at the board level, all counselors expressed a need for more tangible support for the program.
Where counselors expressed dissatisfaction with implementation, there was an expressed sense of anxiety and frustration because they did not feel the program had the full support of teachers.
Family caregivers also expressed the need to be supported in their efforts, rather than replaced as caregivers.
All of the cancerous cells expressed FasL, whereas healthy skin cells from the same patients expressed only Fas.
"But it's the report on financial statements that the April 4 ruling addresses; tax preparation isn't at issue here," said TSBPA executive director Bill Treacy, who expressed confusion about the WSJ article.
Now, two researchers in New York City offer one such clue, suggesting that genes normally expressed in cells dramatically accelerate their DNA transcription when exposed to ELF fields in vitro.
For each of 70 schizophrenic patients monitored after discharge from a university-based psychiatric hospital, Hogarty and his colleagues established whether their families were high or low in "expressed emotion." This measure, determined through interviews with all adult family members, assesses criticism and hostility aimed at the schizophrenic individual, as well as emotional overinvolvement in the schizophrenic's life.