assumption of risk

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as·sump·tion of risk

(ă-sŭmpshŭn risk)
A defense against negligence in the law of torts; notional acceptance of the hazard or danger associated with an activity by accepting, following, or otherwise doing or attempting such activities.

assumption of risk

A doctrine of law whereby the plaintiff assumes the risk of medical treatment or procedures and may not recover damages for injuries sustained as a result of the known and described dangers and risks.

assumption of risk,

n the voluntary acceptance of the potential hazards associated with a particular form of treatment by a patient.
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Under the majority rule, absent an express agreement to the contrary, a tenant is an implied coinsured under the landlord's policy.
Notes of discussions concerning express agreements about purpose, complementary responsibilities, term, and decision-making preferences can be summarized following a reference to shared plan between patient and physician.
United Airlines and SkyWest Airlines' agreement extends SkyWest's existing rights to operate 40 regional jet aircraft under the United Express Agreement until the end of their current lease terms, an average of 8.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 10, 2015-CommutAir to add jets under United Express agreement
The new contract is conditional and will only go into effect if and when ACA and United Airlines form a revised United Express agreement.
Le markets will be valid for one year from the date of notification and renewable 3 times one year by express agreement.
The contract rates, renewed using methods consistent with the company's United Express agreement, are structured to enable ACA to recover estimated operating expenses for its United Express operation in 2002, plus a previously-negotiated margin and incentives based on performance levels.
2016, renewable three (3) times one (1) additional year by express agreement, provided that the total duration of the contract may not exceed four (4) years.
It is renewable 2 times express agreement for a period of 12 months.
The contract is renewable 3 times by express agreement, without a total term not to exceed four years.
Duration: its notification date until 31 December 2016, renewable 2 times by express agreement.