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ICF has been a partner to EPA's human health risk assessment programme for over 10 years, bringing decades of experience and some of the most innovative leaders in the fields of human health risk assessment, toxicology, exposure assessment, epidemiology, systematic literature review, statistics and quantitative dose response modelling, the company said.
Enforcement of the general industry standard's requirements for exposure assessment, respiratory protection, medical surveillance and medical removal has been in effect since May 11.
Within the scope of the German-Pakistani Project 'Geohazard Assessment in Northern Pakistan (GANP)' (2009-2015), a Risk Exposure Assessment (REA) has been carried out for the Districts of Mansehra and Torghar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The portal guides users through general steps, based on OSHA requirements and including Exposure Assessment; Respiratory Selection; Medical Evaluations; Fit Testing; Respirator Training; Respirator Maintenance; Program Evaluation; and, Recordkeeping.
Key topics include experimental models, regulation, exposure assessment, therapeutics, cosmetics, and decontamination.
In 1991 he chaired the National Research Council (NRC) committee that produced Human Exposure Assessment for Airborne Pollutants: Advances and Opportunities, which both initially defined the field and largely established it as a credible line of science and research.
Also emphasizing a wide variety of issues of global interest, the thoroughly revised second edition contains updated information on such timely topics as toxicology, exposure assessment, climate change, population pressure, developing nations and urbanization, energy production, building and community design, solid and hazardous waste, and disaster preparedness.
Poor exposure assessment is claimed as one of the main reasons of inconsistency of results in published studies [3, 9,10,13].
General topics include but are not limited to: environmental regulatory framework, health problem identification, exposure assessment, hazard/event problem identification and probability, and hazard risk characterization.
Following the summary this Technical Report covers Hazard Identification; Exposure Assessment; Hazard Characterization; Risk Characterization; Data Gaps; Conclusions.