exposed pulp

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ex·posed pulp

pulp that has been exposed or laid bare by a pathologic process, trauma, or a dental instrument.
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exposed pulp

Pulp that, due to disease, is exposed to the air and saliva in the mouth.


Treatment includes extraction of the tooth or root canal.

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ex·pos·ed pulp

(eks-pōzd pŭlp)
Pulp that has been laid bare by a pathologic process, trauma, or a dental instrument.
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Whereas mechanically exposed pulp heals efficiently, exposure by carious decreases the ratio of successful treatment (4).
Furthermore, the materials that possess both optimum flow ability and antibacterial properties might theoretically eliminate residual microorganisms located around exposed pulp without damaging pulp tissue.
When dental pulp is exposed, direct pulp capping is often performed; in this process, a compound such as calcium hydroxide is placed directly over the exposed pulp to preserve its vitality.
In direct pulp capping the exposed pulp was dressed with a medicament or dental material, with the specific aim of maintaining pulpal vitality and health.
In a study on young posterior teeth, Mejare and Cvek [1993] suggested that deep carious exposures be opened up so that 1 to 3 mm of exposed pulp can be removed and the pulp can be covered with CH.
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