exposed pulp

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ex·posed pulp

pulp that has been exposed or laid bare by a pathologic process, trauma, or a dental instrument.

exposed pulp

Etymology: L, exponere, to lay out, pulpa, flesh
dental pulp that becomes exposed to the oral environment and potential bacterial infection. Causes include fracture of the crown through trauma and loss of a tooth crown, the advance of dental caries to the pulp chamber, or penetration through the dentin during restorative preparation or caries excavation.

exposed pulp

Pulp that, due to disease, is exposed to the air and saliva in the mouth.


Treatment includes extraction of the tooth or root canal.

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ex·pos·ed pulp

(eks-pōzd pŭlp)
Pulp that has been laid bare by a pathologic process, trauma, or a dental instrument.
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Reparative hard tissue formation following calcium hydroxide application after partial pulpotomy in cariously exposed pulps of permanent teeth.
Out of 258 patients, (Table 1) 150 had exposed pulp on clinical examination with Class II carious lesion and 108 were not having exposed pulp on clinical observation.
Out of 154 male patients, (Table 2) 74 were having clinically exposed pulp with Class II carious lesion, while 76 out of 104 female patients had pulp exposure on clinical examination with p-value 0.
Due to exposed pulps, pulpectomy was done the same day and non-setting calcium hydroxide paste was placed as intra canal dressing and teeth were sealed with Cavit .