exponential distribution

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ex·po·nen·tial dis·tri·bu·tion

the time until failure of a process at constant hazard.
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Similar to the work [32], we assume that an uninterested node changes to interested and that satisfied nodes discard the information according to exponential distribution with parameter [rho] and [mu], respectively.
This distribution comprises the Rayleigh and the exponential distributions as superior cases.
Using expansions (11) and (12), it is possible to obtain mathematical quantities of the special model such as ordinary and central moments, moment generating and characteristic functions, general coefficient, Renyi entropy and some others from quantities exponentiated of exponential distribution.
1995) fitted an exponential distribution on the prime gaps and used the result to prove that:
In Section 2, some properties of the lifetime of product with the exponential distribution are introduced.
Session duration process is approximated by an exponential distribution with the average value of 30 minutes [30].
The exponential distribution is commonly used to model lifetimes.
from a uniform distribution on [0,1] or an exponential distribution with mean 1, and then to set
2] representing the exponential distribution parameter can be obtained as an inverse value of the mean of all burst/gap lengths smaller than or equal to the threshold in the first case and longer than the threshold in the second case (the inverse value is in fact the effect of exponential distribution contribution to the Poisson process, the mean value of an exponential distribution is inverse to its only parameter, so must be the mean calculated from the example set).
Yang and Gaudoin [5] investigate the effect of misspecification of the shape parameter of Weibull distribution by transforming the data to the case of exponential distribution.
For the SC case in which it was assumed for illustrative purposes that all Justices were replaced every year, it may be that the exponential distribution does not apply.