exploratory laparotomy

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exploratory laparotomy

Surgery A 'look-see' operation usually of the peritoneal cavity, in which the surgeon examines all surfaces for lesions–eg, abscesses and tumor nodules; during EL, the operator may biopsy the tissue or obtain peritoneal washings from which a specimen for cytology is processed Indications Surgical staging of regional malignancy–eg, ovarian CA Complications Adhesion formation, especially if Pts receive RT. See Laparoscopy.


incision through the flank or, more generally, through any part of the abdominal wall.

exploratory laparotomy
for the purpose of physically examining the contents of the peritoneal cavity.
laparotomy grid
see grid incision.
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Multidetector computer tomography (MDCT) revealed intestinal ischaemia and a subsequent exploratory laparotomy revealed ischaemia of the terminal ileum and extensive colonic necrosis.
sup][2] To harvest sufficient material, it is necessary for us to have an exploratory laparotomy.
A significant number of the patients had exploratory laparotomy with evacuation of pelvic abscess repair of uterine or bowel perforation or hysterectomy.
3,4) The purpose of this study is to assess pre and post-surgical levels of leucocytes, neutrophilia, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets in patients with PAT that underwent exploratory laparotomy.
I then collaborated with the multi-disciplinary team to set up the theatre to perform a surgical exploratory laparotomy.
Exploratory laparotomy revealed a large left-sided retroperitoneal hematoma extending from the supramesocolic space to the left para-vesical and presacral spaces.
Teams will be able to create unique scenarios, for instance an operating room trauma team is involved in an exploratory laparotomy on a patient with a stab wound to the abdomen when they discover an aortic injury with intra-abdominal hemorrhage and cardiac arrhythmia.
By the time patient was posted for exploratory laparotomy the patient was gasping and had to be intubated.
Patients who fail conservative therapy should undergo an exploratory laparotomy (6).

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