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Relating to, or with a view to, exploration.
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Relating to, or with a view to, exploration.
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[L. explorare, to search out]
Examination of an organ or part by various means.
exploratory, adjective
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"It is anticipated that AGL will commence production drilling and power plant construction for the first phase 70 megawatts in early 2020 and achieve commercial operation in early 2022," he said.In respect of the second 70 megawatts phase, Mr Njoroge said the firm anticipates that in it would simultaneously start the exploratory studies and drilling aiming to deliver the second phase of the project by 2024.Akiira Geothermal's shareholders include Mvuke Power Ltd (owned by Centum Investment Company), Marine Power Generation Ltd, DI Frontier Energy Carbon Fund (a Danish Power Fund) and Ram Energy Inc.
The fear was that the host country's failure to provide security for a drillship would make an oil company reluctant to carry out exploratory work in the Cypriot EEZ in the future.
According to the notification, PPL, while conducting drilling to test the hydrocarbon potential of Khewra sandstone formation have found hydrocarbons from the exploratory well.
The exploratory visit aimed to explore trade relations between the
Out of the 230 permits approved in 2015, 174 were development wells, 46 were service wells, and 10 were exploratory wells.
The exploratory well was the first in the Chukchi in 24 years.
Subsequently OGDCL spud 2 more wells; exploratory well Loti Deep-1 and development well Loti-19 in January 2015.
In statements in the southern coastal town of Limassol, Lakkotrypis noted that two companies, the Italian-South Korean consortium ENI/KOGAS and Noble Energy, are expected within 2014 to drill exploratory wells in EEZ blocks licensed to each.
Contemporary issues in exploratory data mining in the behavioral sciences.
Secondly, the authors obtained seven factors in their exploratory factor analysis; this large number off actors seems to be a product of applying a factor retention method that is now consensually seen as inaccurate and little recommended (3, 4).

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