expired gas

ex·pired gas

1. any gas that has been expired from the lungs;
2. often used synonymously with mixed expired gas.

expired gas (E)

any gas exhaled from the lungs.

ex·pired gas

(eks-pīrd' gas)
1. Any gas that has been expired from the lungs.
2. Often used synonymously with mixed expired gas.
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Tenders are invited for Refilling/procurement of fire extinguishing C02 gas cylinders with afresh gas in place of expired gas for maintaining safety of PH equipment and manpower.
He said that expired gas cylinders should be removed and regular checking of installed cylinders to be ensured.
The directorate general, in cooperation with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and Civil Defence, will intensify inspections against those vendors and distributors who sell expired gas cylinders.
Carbon dioxide was routinely present in the leaked gas, often in higher concentrations than in the expired gas, although the difference between the leaked and expired gas was not significant.
Muscat, Feb 26 (ONA) The first meeting of the working team charged with overseeing the follow-up replacement and destruction of expired gas cylinders held at the Directorate General of Specifications and Measurements at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, under the chair of Saud bin Nasser al-Khusaibi, Director General of the Directorate General of Specifications and Measurements in the presence of officials from the Ministry, the Royal Oman Police and some stakeholders.
All Turkey has are mostly expired gas masks from the United States and even if Turkey provides new masks, these can protect only some Turkish military units -- not civilians -- near the Syrian border," he told Today's Zaman.
The Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) in the United Kingdom, a producer of military technology, refused to comment on possible adverse health effects that could be caused by expired gas canisters.
The EE measurements from the SWA were compared with expired gas analysis data to determine validity.
The valve was connected with the Douglas bag (150-liter) and the expired gas was collected in the second minute of the exhausting final workload if signs of severe exhaustion supervened.
The inspectors will also crack down on the expired gas cylinders being sold to residents.
The CPT code # 95012 is for nitric oxide expired gas determination for measurement of exhaled nitric oxide.