experimental method

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ex·per·i·men·tal meth·od

in experimental psychology, control of environmental, physiologic, or attitudinal factors to observe dependent changes in aspects of experience and behavior.
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The first comparison was between experimental methods: using stand and PULSE program and the standard experimental method for the determination of curve Cz considered as quality tool for planetary gears, the results of the comparison between methods is presented on Fig.
Written for engineers and plant managers, this monograph describes the key sensor performance parameters of these methods before outlining the experimental methods used in the study.
Chemists describe experimental methods for resolving the kinetics and dynamics of ion pumps, channels, and transporters in proteins.
The topics include experimental methods, analyzing adiabatic shear bands by numerical methods, adiabatic shear bands in penetrators and targets, strain localization in energetic and inert granular materials, and shear localization in deep geological layers during seismic slip.
The authors also provide reviews of the data and examinations of the experimental methods and how the data was refined, processes, and presented.
Though heat transfer has been studied at least since Isaac Newton, new contexts and new analytic and experimental methods keep the field hot, as the 30 papers here demonstrate.
This reprint of the original 2003 edition covers: elementary principles of phase-contrast microscopy, electron optics, wave optics, coherence and Fourier optics, STEM and Z-contrast, electron sources and detectors, measurement of electron-optical parameters, instabilities and the microscope environment, experimental methods, and associated techniques.
The editors have organized the contributions that make up the main body of the text in four chapters devoted to experimental and numerical methods and equipments for practical investigation and engineering designing, investigation processes of fatigue and fracture, investigations of the mechanical properties of advanced materials, and experimental methods for investigations of devices, machines, and structures.
In this volume, the editors (both of Coventry U., England) present 11 papers considering theoretical, methodological, and practical questions of criminal justice evaluation, with significant attention paid to experimental methods. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution.
The entries, written by experts in environmental economics, address subjects such as dynamic and stochastic analysis, game theory, economic valuation methods, the Hedonic method, environmental valuation, experimental methods and environmental and natural resource policy, modeling the economics of ecosystem services at watershed scale, geographical information systems models and spatial data analysis, materials balance models, and industry ecology.

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