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They, too, ranked the experience among the top five in their lives.
The strength of these CSL experiences is the mutuality that the experience can bring to the community, students and academia.
General Accounting Experience -- Since audit hours are no longer required, CPA candidates can acquire the experience needed for licensing from any actively licensed CPA in California.
The challenge does not end there but becomes more critical when the camp's parent organization is questioning the validity and viability of the camp experience within the context of the overall mission and purpose of the agency/organization.
The sailors are instruced that the Scientist to Sea ship riders are not to be treated as VIPs, but as personnel who want to learn about how the ship works and to experience the working and living environment of the people who operate and maintain the systems that they--the scientists--design.
Ninety adult classical instrumental musicians, averaging 59 years old, completed an anonymous mail-in written survey containing numeric rating and write-in items about the experience of "flow" while playing an instrument.
His account of Walter Benjamin's wrestling with modernity's destruction of experience is incisive and compelling, even if Benjamin's own ideas never reached conceptual clarity.
The Sexual Experiences Survey, a commonly used instrument, measured sexual violence and unwanted sexual experiences in the past 12 months and over participants' lifetimes; women were classified as having experienced no victimization, unwanted sexual contact (touching or kissing without permission), rape or attempted rape (using force, alcohol, drugs or position of power), or verbal sexual coercion (being talked or pressured into unwanted sexual intercourse).
The two-day M Experience, which features the high-performance M3 coupe and M5 sedan on a Michelin test track, is extremely popular with enthusiasts.
including program operation, personnel, organizational structure, legal status, general administrative policies and procedures, budget, clientele, characteristics of the community, duties and responsibilities during the Internship experience, facilities, cooperative agreements, and remuneration/living arrangements.
Studies have not, for example, explored whether those with and without teaching experience have qualitatively different pre-professional experiences and also differing needs, concerns, and self-perceived gaps in knowledge.
How industry experience, gender, and job category affect income.