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The feeling of emotions and sensations, as opposed to thinking; involvement in what is happening rather than abstract reflection on an event or interpersonal encounter.
[L. experientia, fr. experior, to try]
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Decision-making The set of skills acquired through the repeated performance of a particular activity or operation, which in turn, implies competence in performing the task of interest
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The feeling of emotions and sensations, as opposed to thinking; involvement in what is happening rather than abstract reflection on an event or interpersonal encounter.
[L. experientia, fr. experior, to try]
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1. To encounter something personally or undergo an event.
2. The knowledge or wisdom obtained from one's own observations.
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Patient discussion about experience

Q. Has anyone have any experience with this? I’m 15 years old male and having acid reflux. I have tried lot of meds but nothing is effective and I did not get any remedy. I came across something which says Chinese herbalists can help or even cure it. Has anyone have any experience with this? If you think it is a good idea? Please answer and I will be really grateful!

A. hey, waylon. if you want to try chinese medicine, go for it, as long as you understand clearly how does that medication treat you.
in acid reflux condition, some notes you need to remember are:
- you need to eat regularly
- you need to reduce your stress
- avoid some foods like: acid foods, coffee, spicy foods

and maybe you can try -if you want- consume daily yogurt with apple cider vinegar. apple cider vinegar is believed to be able to help gastric problem.

Q. Can anyone here share with me your experiences….? hey, hi to all…..Very recently I came to know about amniocentesis. With this we can see the baby`s gender..Can anyone here share with me your experiences….?

A. No my dear amniocentesis is not used to find baby`s gender rather its ultrasound for it. Amniocentesis is used to detect any genetic problems such as Down’s syndrome or any other chromosomal abnormalities but not gender of the child. Even infection of the amniotic fluid is checked during amniocentesis. They are also used to check the maturity of the baby`s lungs. Yes it is done under the guidance of an ultrasound. If anyone wants to check for gender they have to go for an ultrasound.

Q. Could anyone share your experience here? your attention here please…..One of my friend is pregnant and after a long and multiple diagnosis she has been confirmed positive for breast cancer. She is badly depressed and is much worried about the child and the effect it will have during pre/post birth. She wants the child to be healthy and normal. Could anyone share your experience here?

A. A) It shows the love and affection the mother has towards the expectant baby. It is good that her breast cancer is diagnosed because it is difficult when one is pregnant. Breast cancer will not harm baby at all, what harms the baby are some of the treatments for breast cancer - and these depend on how advanced the cancer may be. If at early stage her lump will be removed or have surgery for the affected area. The chemotherapy treatment or the medications will be carried after your 1st trimester. This will reduce the harm a baby can get. On advanced stages of cancer, due to radiation treatment and chemotherapy involved with surgery makes the situation tough and makes the survival difficult for mother and baby or even both. So it depends on the stage of your cancer, which you must ask the treating doctor. In early stage of cancer the survival of both mother and baby is possible.Better check her cancer stage. I wish her speedy recovery and safe delivery.

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The meta-analysis contained data about people's pre-hire experience, including details about years of experience, number of jobs held and how previous experience lined up with new jobs.
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Without it, there is a significant risk that the end result will be a good, but ultimately undifferentiated, customer experience that will sooner or later be matched by the competition, eliminating any hard-fought advantage that may have been secured.
We would not normally claim to have experience of another person unless we have had some kind of meeting with him or her, even if the meeting occurs only through a telephone call or a letter.
The Bible Experience to the Roots phenomenon of three decades ago.
At the end of psilocybin sessions, 25 participants--including 3 who hadn't reported mystical encounters--rated the experience as among the five most meaningful and spiritually significant events in their lives.
The experience was unique in that the project occurred within the normally narrow confines of traditional master's research training.
Learn about the background of the company and, in particular, the experience of the staff members who would be assigned to your project.
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Auditing -- While neither pathway requires audit experience, all publicly held companies in the United States, many government agencies and private companies need to be audited each year to remain in business.
The letters stand for experience, analysis, and theory.