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The act of expending; an amount expended or used up.
[L. ex-pendo, to weigh out, pay]
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There is a battle and they gain the day, and then modesty, which they call silliness, is ignominiously thrust into exile by them, and temperance, which they nickname unmanliness, is trampled in the mire and cast forth; they persuade men that moderation and orderly expenditure are vulgarity and meanness, and so, by the help of a rabble of evil appetites, they drive them beyond the border.
These great works will be the form their expenditure of the surplus will take, and in the same way that the ruling classes of Egypt of long ago expended the surplus they robbed from the people by the building of temples and pyramids.
In the cheaper schools, what is gained by the longer existence of the Specimen is lost, partly in the expenditure for food, and partly in the diminished accuracy of the angles, which are impaired after a few weeks of constant "feeling".
But she had never been used to the management of money, and was unable to adapt her expenditure to her altered circumstances.
Simple tradesmen jumped their counters to become extemporized captains, colonels, and generals, without having ever passed the School of Instruction at West Point; nevertheless; they quickly rivaled their compeers of the old continent, and, like them, carried off victories by dint of lavish expenditure in ammunition, money, and men.
Start-up expenditures and organizational expenditures (including expenditures to organize a partnership) may be amortized over a period of not less than 60 months.
Businesses may deduct environmental remediation costs currently as repairs if the expenditures keep property in an ordinarily efficient operating condition but don't materially increase its value or useful life.
While not restricting such expenditures, the revised rules provide more public funding for candidates facing opponents who benefit from large independent expenditures.
The comments supplement a position paper that TEI filed with the IRS on March 20, 1996, in response to Notice 96-7, as well as a letter that was sent to Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin on November 6, 1996, concerning the treatment of asbestos remediation expenditures.
Numerous unsuccessful attempts to control Medicare Part B cost have led to an understanding [1,2,3,4] that if health care expenditures are to be constrained indirectly, both the price and the quatity of services must be addressed.
Nelson, "Individual Consumption Within the Household: A Study of Expenditures on Clothing," BLS Working Paper No.
Capital expenditures for 2007 for the Underlying Properties are estimated to be $28 million.