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Related to expansion or inclined to enlarge or expand.
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These are expansile, eccentric, lytic lesions with occasional internal trabeculation, cortical thinning, and scarce periosteal reaction.
The present case shows multilocular expansile lesion, a displacement of tooth bud 37, and a thin inferior border of the mandible.
Well-differentiated NETs of the breast are defined by the WHO as tumors consisting of cellular solid expansile nests and trabeculae (Figure 1, A and B).
The presence of expansile sellar lesion showing a restricted diffusion signal pattern, compatible with acute pituitary pyogenic abscess was found on MRI (Fig.
X-ray of the hand showed an expansile osteolytic lesion having soap bubble appearance at the base of first metacarpal bone [Figure 1].
There was also evidence of cerebellar involvement in our patient in the form of an expansile pontine lesion which supported his developing symptoms of ataxia.
No expansile lytic lesion or cortical erosion was present (Figure 2).
A controlled trial of an expansile metal stent for palliation of esophageal obstruction due to inoperable cancer.
A radiograph showed united fracture of the tibia with an expansile lytic lesion of the tibia and talus bone [Figure 1a].
Radiography in all cases revealed a large expansile rib lesion and an associated extrapleural soft- tissue mass.
CT of the orbit revealed an expansile lytic lesion with a thinned-out cortex and a bone window showing an osteolytic lesion with a bony enlargement and cortical thinning [Figure 1]d.
1) Radiographically, it appears as an expansile radiolucent, with thinned and perforated cortices, and it is known to cause root resorption.