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Related to expansion or inclined to enlarge or expand.
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On imaging, they are expansile lesions with variable bone destruction.
(1,3) Expansile osteolytic lesions may also be seen with or without an associated extraosseous soft tissue component.
The appearance in our case was more congruent with erosion secondary to an expansile mass with smooth borders and adjacent cortical thinning.
Hemangioma involving the proximal ulna is extremely rare; however, a radiologist should be aware and consider this entity in the differential diagnosis of a medullary based, expansile, osteolytic lesion with soap-bubble appearance affecting a long tubular bone, particularly on CT and MRI.
Radiographic imaging shows an expansile, eccentric, lytic lesion with thin cortices and septae present.
Radiographs of the left foot showed an expansile, radiolucent lesion of the first metatarsal base surrounding the known cement implantation of the first metatarsal (Figure 1).
Ganglion cyst is expansile, synovial fluid-filled lesion of joints, most commonly seen in the wrists, knees, and feet.
The findings revealed that an expansile lytic lesion of size 5.2 x 3.4 x 6.5 cm (AP x Trans x CC) with a largely preserved peripheral cortical rim (with few areas of dehiscence), and no matrix calcification was seen arising from the left mandibular ramus involving the coronoid process but sparing the condyle (superior limit approximately 5 mm from the condyle).
Small and well-defined OF lesions are typically excised by curettage and enucleation; however, large expansile lesions with aggressive patterns require extirpative surgery with healthy margins (>3mm) and aesthetic recontouring [11, 15, 16].
The computed tomography (CT) sections showed a large expansile lesion in the left ramus of the mandible.
(14,16) Grossly, tumors may be infiltrative or expansile and those with mucin production are soft and gelatinous.