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In a hospital-based study in North India, 2% had intermittent exotropia and 0.8% had paralytic strabismus.
According to this assumption, accommodation drives convergence during the control of distance exotropia for near fixation.
A 14-year-old male patient underwent surgery under local anesthesia following the diagnosis of concomitant exotropia. Two weeks later, a conjunctival cyst was found at the left temporal side, with evidence of conjunctival congestion.
On the last ophthalmologic examination, he had ocular alignment on the level of small angle exotropia and associated hypertropia and occasionally even small angle esotropia at near.
* Remove the cover so both eyes fixate, but you continue looking at the uncovered eye; if it moves back out, you can confirm exotropia (if it moves back in, you can confirm esotropia).
Patients were grouped according to strabismus type: 63 (52.5%) had esotropia; 49 (40.8%) had exotropia; 4 (3.3%) had hypertropia; 3 (2.5%) had both hypertropia and exotropia; and 1 (0.9%) had both hypertropia and esotropia.
Un patron en A se refiere a una endotropia mayor en la mirada arriba o a una exotropia mayor en la mirada abajo.
Freeman RS, Isenberg SJ 1989 The use of part-time occlusion for early onset unilateral exotropia Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology Strabismus 26 94-96.
However, if the patient is experiencing esotropia or exotropia, the bead should be moved inward (in case of esotropia) or outward (in case of exotropia) to seek a centration point.