exopthalmia (eks·p·thalˑ·mē·),

n condition marked by bulging eye-balls; may be caused by a wide array of anomalies, such as edema, tumor, injury to the extraocular muscles, Graves' disease, and other endocrine disorders. Also called
protusio bulbi.
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Related injuries include ruptured swim bladders and exopthalmia (bulging eyes), everted stomach or intestine, internal hemorrhaging, and gas bubbles in the organs.
VNN attacks can lead to exopthalmia that is the decline of the ability of the cornea.
The resultant overexpansion of the swim bladder in physoclists causes injuries to multiple organs (barotrauma) including exopthalmia ("pop-eye") (Parrish and Moffitt, 1993; Rummer and Bennett, 2005).