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Proptosis was noted in the left eye, and Hertel exophthalmometer measurements were 18 mm for the right eye and 24 mm for the left eye.
Measurements with the Hertel exophthalmometer showed values of 30 mm for the right eye and 27 mm for the left eye (base 102 mm).
The exophthalmoses on the right and left sides were 15mm and 19mm by Hertel exophthalmometer (normal range: 10~15mm with laterality of less than 3mm for the Japanese).
There was a 4 mm proptosis of the left eye compared with the right eye, measured with an exophthalmometer. The findings on anterior segment examination of the right eye were normal.
The following ophthalmology parameters were analyzed: proptosis degree measured with Oculus Hertel exophthalmometer, ocular pressure, best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), presence of lagophthalmos, and preservation of color vision.
We evaluated patient's palpebral aperture (measured in millimeters), soft tissue involvement, proptosis (measured in millimeters with the use of the Hertel exophthalmometer), extraocular motility, and visual acuity (Snellen chart).
Exophthalmometry using Hertel's exophthalmometer with interlateral canthal distance of 100 mm read 15 mm in both eyes.
Intraocular Pressure (IOP) was measured by Goldmann applanation tonometer and proptosis was measured with Hertel's exophthalmometer. Fundus examination was done using slit lamp biomicroscopy with a +78D lens and indirect ophthalmoscopy with +20D lens.
The severity of proptosis can be quantified and monitored by either an exophthalmometer or radiologically with orbital scans.
The exophthalmos measured by Hertel exophthalmometer was 19.1 [+ or -] 3.6 mm (ranged from 9 to 28 mm).
Our ophthalmic examination showed that her visual acuity was 20/25 OU, and Hertel exophthalmometer measurements were 15 mm OU.