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, exophthalmus (eks'of-thal'mos, -mŭs)
Protrusion of one or both eyeballs; can be congenital and familial, or due to pathology, such as a retroorbital tumor (usually unilateral) or thyroid disease (usually bilateral).
Synonym(s): proptosis.
[G. ex, out, + ophthalmos, eye]
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, exophthalmia, exophthalmus (ĕks″ŏf-thăl′mōs) (-mŭs)
Abnormal anterior protrusion of the eyeball. This may be due to thyrotoxicosis, tumor of the orbit, orbital cellulitis, leukemia, aneurysm, or vascular malformation. exophthalmic (-mĭk), adjective

pulsating exophthalmos

Exophthalmos accompanied by pulsation and bruit due to an aneurysm behind the eye.
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Women who have Graves' disease usually have thyroid nodules and may have exophthalmia, pretibial myxedema, and tachycardia.
Some fry fish show sign such as lethargy, skin darkness, exophthalmia, abdomen distended and abnormal swimming.
In cases of exophthalmia and conjunctivitis, eyes were irrigated by 2% Boric acid solution and also used eye drop Gentamicin.
The craniofacial and extremity abnormalities seen in this syndrome include cleft lip and palate, craniosynostosis, microcephalia, silver-coloured or sparse hair, micrognathia, ocular hypertelorism, exophthalmia, eyelid coloboma, corneal blurring, cataract, mid-facial capillary haemangioma, ear malformations, low-set ears, maxillary protrusion, malar hypoplasia, hypoplastic mandible, nasal hypoplasia and short neck bilateral symmetrical tetra-phocomelia or hypomelia, brachydactyly/oligodactyly.4-6 In Roberts Syndrome, the upper extremities are affected more frequently than the lower extremities.
The clinical presentation of reported cases of retrobulbar neoplasia includes exophthalmia, dislocation of the palpebral fissure, and epiphora, with affected eyes described as visual and intact.
Clinical signs and pathological manifestations are similar to streptococcosis and consist of exophthalmia, muscular haemorrhages, acute branchitis, suppurative inflammation in the eyes and necrosis of the spleen and kidney (Plumb, 1999).
She was a classic case of Graves' disease with exophthalmia. After researching the medical literature, she refused treatment with radioiodides, goitrogens and surgery.
A marked rise in body temperature, reaching 40-42[degrees]C, is followed by lethargy, lacrimation, nasal discharge, exophthalmia and swelling of superficial lymph nodes; hemolytic anemia is among the characteristic features of tropical theileriosis (Fartashvand et al., 2013; Singh et al., 2013).
lupi is a recently recognized parasite causing nodular lesions associated with ocular disease (i.e., conjunctivitis, ocular swelling, photophobia, lacrimation, discharge, exophthalmia) in dogs (3).
In physoclists, this can cause overexpansion of the swim bladder and resultant injuries to multiple organs (barotrauma), including severe exophthalmia ("pop-eye").
The bird was presented with orbital distension and exophthalmia of the left eye.
Onchocerca lupi, known to infest dog eyes, inducing an acute or chronic ocular disease characterized by conjunctivitis, photophobia, lacrimation, discharge, and exophthalmia. At that time, this helminth infestation had never been reported in dogs in Turkey, and information on the biologic features of the nematode was still meager, despite its wide distribution in Greece, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, and Switzerland and the increasing number of reported cases (7).