A glucanohydrolase acting on a glycosidic bond near an end of the polysaccharide, for example, β-amylase.
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Starch hydrolyzing enzymes including endoamylase, exoamylase, debranching enzyme and transferase belong to three glycosyl hydrolases families GH13, GH70 and GH77.
Exoamylase activity in vacuoles isolated from pea and wheat leaf protoplants.
Amylases are classified into four groups including exoamylases, endoamylases, debranching enzymes and tranferases (Souza and Magalhaes, 2010).
Amylases can be divided into endoamylases and exoamylases. The endoamylases catalyze hydrolysis in a random manner within the starch molecule.
butleri, may be associated with the synergistic action of debranching enzymes (e.g., isoamylases), which disorganize amylopectin and favor the performance of endo- and exoamylases. The results of pH stability discussed here indicate that the enzymatic extract produced by G.