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To present or show up with, such as a sign or symptom.
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The mean weekly percent of time on-task per classroom exhibited by students in Classroom A increased following the implementation of the antecedent manipulation strategy; whereas, it remained relatively stable in Classroom B during the baseline condition.
The severe challenging behaviors exhibited by children with EBD imperil their academic, social, and vocational survival (Kazdin, 1987).
First, on average, the strategy appeared to result in substantial decreases in the number of severe challenging behaviors exhibited by children with EBD.
First, a large number of severe challenging behaviors exhibited by children with EBD may be averted with the application of a universal strategy.
CMI Novacast exhibited its PG Series Electromagnetic pumps.
exhibited its UNI-RAM VR-S Dry Vibratable Silica refractories for coreless induction furnaces melting iron.
The firm also exhibited a new patented technology metallic fiber-reinforced dry vibratable product for combating thermal shock resistance.
Capital Refractories exhibited its Unibore nozzle system for bottom pour ladles.
Ajax Magnethermic exhibited a variety of furnaces and solid state power supplies, as well as the Magne-Com computer control systems that can be applied to all melt systems.
Christy Refractories exhibited its Sealcast technology, a new process that seals the permeability of ceramic bodies.
Another product exhibited for the first time in the U.
Equipment Merchants International exhibited its gravity and low-pressure permanent mold systems, which include low-pressure molding machines, semi-permanent mold, vertically parted turntables and conventional horizontally parted, semi-permanent mold turntables.