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To present or show up with, such as a sign or symptom.

exhibit (egzib´it),

n a paper, document, or object presented to a court during a trial or hearing as proof of facts, or as otherwise connected with the subject matter, and which, on being accepted, is marked for identification and considered a part of the case.
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Two bond measures funneled $110 million for new exhibits, from Chimpanzees of Mahale Mountains to Sea Lion Cliffs.
The proposed exhibit is by no means secular: It conveys a message of governmental endorsement of a very specific set of Judeo-Christian beliefs not shared by other religions or by many members of the Tulsa community," stated AU's letter.
It's the first attempt to explain the essence of Einstein's scientific contribution in a museum exhibition," says physicist Hanoch Gutfreund of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem at the recent launch of the exhibit.
The exhibit consists of many items: "Border," with an eye-catching quote from poet and writer Gloria Anzaldua; "Family," which includes a tender clip of Cheech Marin's own familia; "Food," with an interactive stove that lights up a pan of refried beans as comedian Paul Rodriguez narrates the story of Mexican cuisine ("You can make a taco out of anything"); an altar; a family album of Vietnam hero Roy Benavides; "Work," featuring muralist Judy Baca and noteworthy people who would probably squirm if you called them Chicanos (Astronaut Ellen Ochoa, boxer Oscar de la Hoya); "Musica," a wide-screen video with how-to instructions on an actual dance floor of couples dancing the polkita ad infinitum; a What-Is-Rasquache?
But when Butterfly World opened the first butterfly exhibit in the United States in 1988, the stakes of the business changed.
One is that the exhibit originally opened two years ago in London and has since been in Europe.
So if you own or represent a small business and want to hob-nob with the decision-makers and exchange business cards with high-profile firms, reserve your general admission ticket or exhibit table for November 6th.
Exhibit 3: Map of Global Base Station Infrastructure Contracts by Region, Q4 2008
The exhibit includes hundreds of things given to Reagan from people all over the word, including horseback-riding gear, sports collectibles, unique original creations and fine works of art.
org Attendance in 2004: 450 Price of one exhibit space: Standard booth: ARA member--$850, non-member--$1,350; Premium booth: ARA member--$950, non-member--$1,500 2005: Nov 28-30, Ft.