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1,16] These findings, which demonstrate the lack of efficiency of exfoliative cytology, may be explained by nonrepresentative sampling and/or individual subjectivity, [12,15] since this was a retrospective study in which the cytological tests were not performed by the same examiner.
Exfoliative cytology a simple non-invasive diagnos- tic technique is useful in early assessment of dysplastic changes in oral lesions.
Study of oral epithelial atypia among Sudanese tobacco users by exfoliative cytology.
The use of oral exfoliative cytology in the past was limited due to the subjective nature of its interpretations and high false negative results.
Exfoliative cytology, being a minimally invasive procedure, has a better patient compliance.
Diagnostic value of exfoliative cytology of body fluids in dogs and cats.
Since exfoliative cytology has proven too expensive and too difficult for developing nations, our best prospect of breaking this tragic cycle lies with the intervention of an automated technological test (rather than with attempts to further refine labor-intensive ones).
Exfoliative Cytology and Cytocentrifuge Preparation of Oral Premalignant and Malignant Lesions.
Exfoliative cytology was done to rule out candidiasis.